• Bertha


    Olaf & Co

    RM 1,688.00RM 3,008.00


    Design: Pillow Box Top (Dual Function)

    • Total Height: 35cm
    • Spring System: Individual Pocketed Spring
    • Comfort Layer: Natural Latex (Side 1) or Natural Coconut Fibre (Side 2)
    • Firmness: Dual Function with Medium Soft (Side 1) or Firm (Side 2)
    • NATURAL LATEX (Side 1) A soft and resilient natural material that offers personalized comfort by molding to your body. You’ll relax more fully as it distributes your body weight to relieve extra pressure and provide precise support. Fits perfectly to the curves of the body, releasing the weight evenly over the entire surface.
    • NATURAL COCONUT FIBRE (Side 2) A natural sleep option built for superior support and durability and help air flow freely through mattress and draw away moisture, so you won’t get too warm or too cold.
    • INDIVIDUAL POCKETED SPRING SYSTEM Individually wrapped springs that work independently to closely follow your movements and contours of your body. Designed with superior spinal support in mind, the layer shapes itself to cradle your body providing excellent comfort whilst paying attention to the alignment of your spine.
    • DUAL PILLOW BOX TOP DESIGN With extra thick pillow box top layer of natural latex provides your body support its needs. Softer areas allow your shoulder and hips to sink more deeply into the mattress while firmer ones actively support your neck and lower back with.
    • STRETCH KNITTED FABRIC Stretch fabric with natural latex quilting on topside of the mattress moves with you to maximize comfort
    • NATURAL MATERIALS Natural material like wool, cotton and sometimes natural latex and coconut fibre helps air flow freely through the mattress and draw away moisture, so you won’t get too warm or too cold.
    • HIGH DENSITY FOAM ENCASING High density foam encasing around all mattress edge provide better support and durability at all side.
    • ULTRA EDGE SUPPORT An intelligent design that increases your sleeping area and prolongs mattress durability.