• Ortho Plush

    Ortho Plush


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    PREMIUM COMFORT : A day out can be rewarding for the few who appreciate the outdoors, what’s even more satisfying is getting the best sleep ever after a day’s worth of the intense activity. With multiple comfort layers and softness that’s so soothing, sleep will never be the same again.

    ULTIMATE SUPPORT : actif 5 Spring system offers proper ergonomic support and revitalising sleep, fulfilling 5 major fundamental needs of all consumers; Spinal Support, Durability, Health, Hygienic and Breathability and Affordable and Perfect Solutions for Quality Sleep.

    PROLONGED DURABILITY : The High Density Ortho Foam ensures prolonged durability of the mattress, offering perfect contour support and comfort.

    EDGE STABILIZER      : Actif Edge Stabilizer is assembled to form a sturdy edge that responds along with coils, ensuring stability and counter sagging issues at the edge.